Importing Athletes from the SSSF system to TWFRS

If you find a team that has unimported athletes from the shot system to our Tennessee Wildlife Federation Registration System (TWFRS) , you can quickly import the entire team of athletes and coaches from one location. The link for this importer is located here at:

To get started with an import please be aware that this may require multiple tries to load a large team.

The process is simple.

First, select your team.
Then select athletes, coaches, and/or team. Remember, if the team is large try selecting athletes by them selves then run the importer for coaches etc.

The delete users check box will remove all the users you have selected above and import only the sssf data. We recommend using this only when it is absolutely necessary.

The main thing to be aware of is if the importer shows you errors then this is likely due to a bad email or some other invalid field format. For example, we have noticed that the email address in shot is not a formatted field and therefore I can type twfreg@gmail and this will work in the shot system but we require the email field to be formatted correctly in the TWFRS forms.

If for some reason you receive a time-out error, then hit your back button and restart the import as it is likely because of the size of the importing data that is causing this.