Non Active Payment Status Report

TeamAthleteStatusPay Date
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPAlex - AlsbrookUpdate Complete
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPAbby - TowerUpdate Started
USJ Sport Shooting Team-SCTPAlexander - DecostaRetired
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPAiden - DotyUpdate Complete
Macon County Tigers-SCTPDaniel Austin - DriverUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPAiden - GriggsUpdate Complete
Lausanne Colligiate School-SCTPAbigail - HodusUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPAiden - MorganUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPAiden - WalkerUpdate Complete
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPAlexas - JoynerUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPAlexander - JonesUpdate Complete
Nashville Christian-SCTPAlexander - LooneyUpdate Complete
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPAlexander - GannonUpdate Complete
BGA-SCTPDelete coach - GrayRetired
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPCole - AllenUpdate Complete
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPTitan - TrullUpdate Started
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPBailey - HerringUpdate Started
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPDwayne - PrattUpdate Started
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPOwen - AtwoodActive
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPZane - AtwoodUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPAndy - NelmsUpdate Complete
HFA Clay Target Team-SCTPAnika - SaarUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPAnna - ButtUpdate Complete
Towering Oaks Christian School-SCTPAnn - BiebelUpdate Complete
Pope John Paul II-SCTPAnthony - AmoreseUpdate Started
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPMcCayla - SandersUpdate Started
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPSofia - SanMiguelUpdate Complete
Macon County Tigers-SCTPAtrayu - SmithUpdate Complete
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPJacob - DonaldsonRetired
MUS Owls-SCTPKemen - RosarioInactive
MUS Owls-SCTPJohn - HenleyInactive
MUS Owls-SCTPEdward - ErbInactive
MUS Owls-SCTPJack - FernandezInactive
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPCaleb - BarberInactive
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPHailey - WestonInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPColton - JamesInactive
Independence Trap Team-SCTPCole - MontgomeryInactive
Northpoint Christian School-SCTPAlex - CainInactive
Northpoint Christian School-SCTPConnelly - PignoccoInactive
Hutchison-SCTPSADIE ANN - WELLSInactive
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPJebb - SmithInactive
Germantown High School-SCTPTy - MartinUpdate Started
Roane State Community College Raiders-SCTPAndrew - SmithInactive
Roane State Community College Raiders-SCTPCodey - DeanInactive
Roane State Community College Raiders-SCTPMadeline - KittrellInactive
Oakland High School Patriots-SCTPChristian - PitmanInactive
Nashville Christian-SCTPDevin - RayInactive
Nashville Christian-SCTPLuke - RobbinsInactive
Cornfield Shooting Team-SCTPChristopher - LoveInactive
Southern Shooting Sports-SCTPRiley - OmanInactive
Spring Hill Clay Target Team-SCTPRyan - BrewerInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPNick - OslonianInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPJedidiah - KingInactive
Houston High School Trap Team-SCTPSavannah - WilliamsInactive
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPAdrian - HardingInactive
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPEmilia - HarrisInactive
Macon County Tigers-SCTPTodd - ChandlerUpdate Complete
Macon County Tigers-SCTPWilliam - HarpInactive
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPKonner - BradshawUpdate Complete
Houston High School Trap Team-SCTPOwen - HardinInactive
Germantown High School-SCTPMattie - WildUpdate Started
Germantown High School-SCTPSydney - ChaseUpdate Started
Page High School-SCTPOlivia - McClainInactive
Page High School-SCTPDavid - ManciniInactive
Page High School-SCTPLalit - PusapatiInactive
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPLogan - GilbertUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPClayton - ThompsonUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPColton - DawsonInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPEthan - HumphriesRetired
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPHunter - MorrisInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPJoe - FeliceInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPSam - BogleInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPTrey - FinchInactive
MBA Big Red-SCTPJosiah - DeWitteInactive
MBA Big Red-SCTPLuke - BoyerInactive
Hutchison-SCTPAnnie - HescockInactive
Hutchison-SCTPMargaret - KimeryInactive
Hutchison-SCTPAcelynn - HumphriesInactive
MUS Owls-SCTPWilliam - QuinlenInactive
MUS Owls-SCTPAndrew - BragorgosInactive
MUS Owls-SCTPHenry - RobinsonInactive
HFA Clay Target Team-SCTPEthan - CarlsonInactive
HFA Clay Target Team-SCTPAndrew - YoungInactive
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPDrew - RoachInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPEli - BurtonUpdate Started
CPA Minutemen-SCTPCooper - BaileyUpdate Complete
Nashville Christian-SCTPElizabeth - LacyInactive
Nashville Christian-SCTPJohn - DraperInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPHaley - SimonsInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPCasey - ThompsonInactive
Cornfield Shooting Team-SCTPCatherine - BladesInactive
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPEthan - DavisInactive
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPBrandon - StokelyInactive
BGA-SCTPDuplicate - PrattRetired
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPBrown - RileyInactive
Nashville Christian-SCTPHudson - DukeInactive
Nashville Christian-SCTPMadison - SparksInactive
Nashville Christian-SCTPMillie - BooneInactive
Warriors-SCTPNathan - RedfordInactive
Cornfield Shooting Team-SCTPMcCaw - JohnsonInactive
Northpoint Christian School-SCTPTyler - BerginInactive
Oakland High School Patriots-SCTPDaxton - HaleInactive
Oakland High School Patriots-SCTPEaston - HatcliffInactive
Oakland High School Patriots-SCTPChris - RussellInactive
Oakland High School Patriots-SCTPColby - FreemanInactive
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPChase - TruettInactive
Centennial Clay Target Team-SCTPAustin - WhitmerInactive
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPWyatt - WattsUpdate Complete
Lawrence County Trap Team-SCTPWill - GulleyInactive
Houston High School Trap Team-SCTPSkyler - PlunkInactive
Roane State Community College Raiders-SCTPNathan - HembreeInactive
Nashville Christian-SCTPNolan - ArnoldInactive
Nashville Christian-SCTPAlexander - LooneyInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPWill - ThompsonInactive
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPHunter - TiplerInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPDominic - SpearsInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPMichael - LarsonInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPMarc - PiadadeInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPChristian - McCallisterInactive
MBA Big Red-SCTPConnor - KrummInactive
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPJames - GossettUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPJameson (Seth) - CrookUpdate Complete
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPHayden - RussellInactive
Lewis County Trap-SCTPKADEN - PACEInactive
Nashville Christian-SCTPTristan - RobertsInactive
MUS Owls-SCTPEvans - CulpepperInactive
Centennial Clay Target Team-SCTPAntonio - BealInactive
Lewis County Trap-SCTPVictoria - WaltonInactive
Oakland High School Patriots-SCTPSummer - FoutsInactive
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPTaylor - SherrillUpdate Complete
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPPruitt - RichardsonInactive
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPMason - ShultsUpdate Complete
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPBo - ProffittInactive
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPMalachi - OcampoInactive
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPDakota - DeesUpdate Complete
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPEian - BarrettInactive
Independence Trap Team-SCTPAlex - KilburnInactive
Eagleville Clay Target Team-SCTPDALTON - BERRYInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPCharlie Mack - GilbertUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPAnna - JenkinsUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPBlake - MooreRetired
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPBeck - StanleyInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPSlater - CogginInactive
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPEthan - HarwellInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPSean - O'ConnellInactive
Pope John Paul II-SCTPCallie - KeightleyUpdate Complete
Pope John Paul II-SCTPAspen - WhittingtonUpdate Started
Pope John Paul II-SCTPNolan - BeasleyUpdate Complete
Pope John Paul II-SCTPLevi - LeMayUpdate Started
Pope John Paul II-SCTPLincoln - MockoInactive
Pope John Paul II-SCTPJosh - BenderInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPElla - BurtonInactive
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPNathan - RorerInactive
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPGarrett - FosterInactive
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPSarrah - GrishamUpdate Complete
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPGrayson - ClarkInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPHunter - SatterfieldInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPJarick - ReynoldsInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPRyan - DouglasInactive
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPJacqueline - TrullInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPMichael - SelfInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPClint - McClendonInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPAustin - HillmanInactive
BGA-SCTPJay - ThomasRetired
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPHunter - TrullRetired
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPCynthia - SmithInactive
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPChase - ColottaInactive
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPRachel - RossInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPHunter - CurlandInactive
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPTrenton - BatesInactive
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPShane - WilsonUpdate Complete
Spring Hill Clay Target Team-SCTPDuncan - GavittInactive
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPTaylor - KibodeauxInactive
Monroe County-SCTPArcher - ReeseInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPJoshua - WrightInactive
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPJustin - PayneUpdate Complete
Rossville Christian Academy-SCTPHarley - DyerInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPAndrew - MartinInactive
Lewis County Trap-SCTPLandon - BurkheadInactive
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPHannah - ArnoldInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPAron - MasonInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPOwen - FairInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPTristan - ScaifeInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPKollin - DouglasInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPMcCayla - SandersInactive
Shelbyville Trap Team-SCTPGarrett - DoakInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPOwen - SweatUpdate Complete
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPHudson - CepparuloInactive
Pope John Paul II-SCTPZachary - CombsUpdate Complete
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPTroy - DavisInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPDavid - CrookInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPEvan - SniderInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPAustin - FusionInactive
Rossville Christian Academy-SCTPTyler - ThompsonInactive
Warriors-SCTPPaul - WyattInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPTristan Shane - ScottInactive
Macon County Tigers-SCTPKatelyn - CothronInactive
Macon County Tigers-SCTPKale - HootenUpdate Complete
Lewis County Trap-SCTPTyler - SkeltonInactive
Lawrence County Trap Team-SCTPGage - SaundersInactive
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPMacy - YagerUpdate Complete
Oakland High School Patriots-SCTPDalton - RowdonInactive
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPCody - TaylorInactive
Coffee County Claybusters-SCTPCheyenne - MartinInactive
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPRyan - BytwerkActive
MUS Owls-SCTPScot - LedbetterInactive
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPWill - McClainUpdate Started
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPBlazz - TrullInactive
Harding Academy of Memphis-SCTPDavis - LaneInactive
HFA Clay Target Team-SCTPZack - SaarUpdate Complete
Warriors-SCTPLuke - CraftInactive
White County Clay Crackers-SCTPKelton - McCaskeyInactive
Roane State Community College Raiders-SCTPLauren - SandersInactive
Oakland High School Patriots-SCTPReece - TaylorInactive
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPDominic - KelseyInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPColeman - StaceyInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPJames - ThomasInactive
Rossville Christian Academy-SCTPMakenzie - EadyInactive
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPLogan - WoodcockInactive
HFA Clay Target Team-SCTPJoseph - GarcesUpdate Started
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPWill - GardnerInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPHarley - MorganInactive
Centennial Clay Target Team-SCTPJared - HasbrookeInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPColton - McGeeInactive
Monroe County-SCTPEmily - PhillipsInactive
Macon County Tigers-SCTPJimmy - HalliburtonUpdate Complete
N2Dust Shotgun Sports-SCTPWyatt - FreelsInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPCayden - CervenyInactive
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPNeil - HartInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPZayne - WalkerUpdate Complete
Centennial Clay Target Team-SCTPClayton - PattersonInactive
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPJackson - BellUpdate Complete
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPNelson - WaltersUpdate Complete
Lawrence County Trap Team-SCTPTaylen - LanceInactive
Giles County Clay Dusters-SCTPJessica - ThorpeInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPSeth - GordonInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPJaxon - WhittenburgInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPColton - PhillipsUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPTaylor - BateyInactive
Hampshire Trap Team-SCTPMason - KennedyInactive
Harding Academy of Memphis-SCTPCooper - WhitfieldInactive
Centennial Clay Target Team-SCTPHarrison - HasslerInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPSamuel - EppsUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPConner - LewisUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPBrody - PutmanUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPHarlee - HeirdUpdate Started
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPJackson - HenryUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPOwen - BallentineUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPLandon - CrossUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPGabriel - MitchellUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPDavid - WardlowUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPGavin - WilsonUpdate Complete
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPDrake - FenwickInactive
Bethel University-SCTPAden - MathisInactive
Bethel University-SCTPStuart - ArcherUpdate Started
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPSawyer - WilliamsInactive
Bethel University-SCTPLoucas - HobbsInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPGrant - DoddInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPCollin - CallawayUpdate Complete
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPDREW - BEELERRetired
Montgomery County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPSheaffer - StanfillInactive
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPKaroline - ParkerInactive
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPJaxon - McClainInactive
Santa Fe Sharpshooters-SCTPMitch - BrownInactive
Austin Peay State University-SCTPJohn Michael - BaggettInactive
Austin Peay State University-SCTPIsac - VanWormerInactive
Spring Hill Clay Target Team-SCTPGabrielle - ParkInactive
Bethel University-SCTPMinmay - PupInactive
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPJake - TaylorInactive
Trousdale Trap Team-SCTPDale - AnthonyInactive
Trousdale Trap Team-SCTPAustin - DensonInactive
White County Clay Crackers-SCTPCody - DeanInactive
Bethel University-SCTPAnsley - ToyInactive
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPCali - WhitwellInactive
Austin Peay State University-SCTPHunter - PurvianceInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPWill - OvertonInactive
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPAnna - McClungInactive
CTC-Tennessee-SCTPLaura - DeCuirInactive
CTC-Tennessee-SCTPEmily - DeCuirInactive
Monroe County-SCTPEmily - PhillipsRetired
Clay County Trap-SCTPWilliam - DodsonUpdate Started
CTC-Tennessee-SCTPGavin - AndersonInactive
Houston High School Trap Team-SCTPMatt - MitchellInactive
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPJoel - HenryUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPDylan - JohnsonRetired
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPChloe - PembertonUpdate Complete
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPBritton - YatesInactive
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPAnnie - ThorntonUpdate Complete
Lawrence County Trap Team-SCTPTate - StaggsInactive
Cornfield Shooting Team-SCTPMark - LoveInactive
Cornfield Shooting Team-SCTPNathan - BladesInactive
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPGrant - GaitherInactive
Giles County Clay Dusters-SCTPKody - SchererUpdate Started
Briarcrest Trap Club-SCTPConner - MangrumInactive
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPKylie - KefferInactive
Signal Mountain Eagles-SCTPGriffin - MickelInactive
Signal Mountain Eagles-SCTPJacob - GravettInactive
Signal Mountain Eagles-SCTPAnthony - WakimInactive
Signal Mountain Eagles-SCTPMegan - CasnerInactive
Signal Mountain Eagles-SCTPDylan - BrockInactive
Signal Mountain Eagles-SCTPHunter - WestInactive
Signal Mountain Eagles-SCTPJonathan - SherrillInactive
Signal Mountain Eagles-SCTPElizabeth - OrtizInactive
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPBaker - AllenUpdate Started
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPHouston - BateyRetired
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPCarter - ShaullInactive
BGA-SCTPJames (Whit) - BankemperRetired
Unaka Shooters-SCTPSam - BowmanRetired
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPMason - SandersInactive
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPWesley - SwafferInactive
Warriors-SCTPLane - RobertsUpdate Started
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPJohn - SalmonInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPWill - GardnerUpdate Complete
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPMcCayla - SandersInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPSeth - BlairInactive
Warriors-SCTPSarah - LoopeUpdate Started
Santa Fe Sharpshooters-SCTPJohn - CrutcherUpdate Complete
Unaka Shooters-SCTPJacob - MelvinActive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPTy - VolnerInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPAustin - HollowayUpdate Complete
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPAaron - TiptonInactive
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPJACOB - JACKSONInactive
Houston County Lucky Shots-SCTPJedidiah - BaggettInactive
Oakland High School Patriots-SCTPLuke - McDearmonInactive
BGA-SCTPAndrew - SaleInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPColter - AlexanderInactive
Trousdale Trap Team-SCTPJake - HulmeInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPKyle - BartlettInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPSeth - CooperInactive
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPJustin - SpaidRetired
McNairy County Sport Shooting Team-SCTPTucker - CookseyInactive
University Of TN - Martin-SCTPRyan - HallInactive
White County Clay Crackers-SCTPMegan - HeffronInactive
Trousdale Trap Team-SCTPCayden - ReadInactive
HFA Clay Target Team-SCTPAndrew - YoungInactive
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPEli - ChristmanInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPDamon - HodgesInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPWilson - BairdInactive
Franklin High School-SCTPAndrew - HubbardUpdate Complete
Hampshire Trap Team-SCTPRachel - SavageUpdate Complete
Hampshire Trap Team-SCTPMolly - GilliamUpdate Complete
Hampshire Trap Team-SCTPSamuel - GuettnerUpdate Complete
Hampshire Trap Team-SCTPBraden - DavisUpdate Complete
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPMcClaine - FloryInactive
MBA Big Red-SCTPRyan - JohnstonInactive
MBA Big Red-SCTPAlex - RayInactive
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPLandon - WardRetired
Weakley County Top Guns-SCTPHunter - HallInactive
Columbia Central High School-SCTPCaroline - CashionUpdate Complete
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPHannah - DemastusActive
St. Mary's Trap Team-SCTPEmily - FergusonRetired
Franklin High School-SCTPZachary - VillaruzUpdate Complete
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPLogan - DavisInactive
Warriors-SCTPJohn - CampbellInactive
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPLauren - KefferRetired
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPTimothy Tyler - NapierInactive
Macon County Tigers-SCTPAustin - WestInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPSam - EppsInactive
FBA Eagles-SCTPKameron - BatesInactive
FBA Eagles-SCTPAudrey - WoodInactive
Germantown High School-SCTPWill - AlexanderInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPZachary - EmmonsInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPJesselynn - SingletonInactive
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPJeremiah - DonaldsonUpdate Started
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPJeffrey - Smith, Jr.Update Started
Arlington Trappers-SCTPDerek - HodgesInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPMason - GibsonInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPNoah - HuckabeeInactive
Houston High School Trap Team-SCTPSmayan - SompalliInactive
Hampshire Trap Team-SCTPJessica - FryUpdate Complete
Hampshire Trap Team-SCTPGrace - WoodyUpdate Complete
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPMILES - BEELERUpdate Complete
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPBen - BradyInactive
Austin Peay State University-SCTPHayden - LittleInactive
Clay County Trap-SCTPCordell - McLerranUpdate Started
Clay County Trap-SCTPJack - HollandUpdate Started
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPJaxon - WillcuttInactive
MBA Big Red-SCTPRobby - BarnesInactive
MBA Big Red-SCTPLuke - BoyerInactive
MBA Big Red-SCTPWill - HigginsInactive
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPKellie - McGheeUpdate Complete
Haywood Young Guns-SCTPKyle - YelvertonInactive
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPIssac - SnodgrassInactive
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPPayton - DownsUpdate Complete
Warriors-SCTPEli - RiggsUpdate Started
Warriors-SCTPJohnathan - GardnerUpdate Started
Warriors-SCTPMcCauley - WhiteUpdate Started
Grace Christian Academy-SCTPHunter - NeilsonInactive
Grace Christian Academy-SCTPLuke - RingInactive
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPCorbin - HallInactive
BGA-SCTPHayden - HerveyUpdate Started
BGA-SCTPMathew (Boyd) - LooneyRetired
BGA-SCTPBenjamin - BushInactive
BGA-SCTPRyan - HughesInactive
Shelbyville Trap Team-SCTPJoshua Wyatt - WilsonUpdate Complete
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPEthan - JohnsonUpdate Complete
Briarcrest Trap Club-SCTPAiden - BrennanUpdate Complete
St. Mary's Trap Team-SCTPRuth - CallicottUpdate Complete
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPHenry - FryeInactive
Houston County Lucky Shots-SCTPKarlie - MeddersInactive
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPBrooklyn - GoodrichUpdate Complete
South Carroll Scholastic Shooting Team-SCTPSamantha - RoneyInactive
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPLandon - AshworthInactive
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPGarrett - ClarkInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPMargaret - EarnestInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPConnor - BelueInactive
Bethel University-SCTPCody - MossInactive
Bethel University-SCTPCaleb - OrrInactive
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPMitchell - WilliamsActive
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPLogan - GlassUpdate Complete
Austin Peay State University-SCTPWylie - RandallInactive
MBA Big Red-SCTPCole - CarrInactive
Santa Fe Sharpshooters-SCTPSammie Jo - BrownUpdate Complete
Clarksville Christian School-SCTPChristopher - WarrenRetired
Dickson Clay Commanders-SCTPMilam - McIllwainRetired
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPMORGAN - HILLIARDUpdate Complete
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPHylie - RemlingUpdate Complete
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPHunter - TowerUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPCaleb - RoseUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPKatelyn - GardnerUpdate Complete
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPSteven - YoungInactive
Santa Fe Sharpshooters-SCTPGary - HahnUpdate Complete
Warriors-SCTPChris - KellerUpdate Started
Hampshire Trap Team-SCTPJeremiah - RoanUpdate Complete
Hampshire Trap Team-SCTPMason - KennedyUpdate Complete
Hampshire Trap Team-SCTPCamryn - JahnkeUpdate Complete
Coffee County Claybusters-SCTPLandon - MeadowsInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPKate - BateyUpdate Complete
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPWyatt - CarrollUpdate Started
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPJames W. - BairdInactive
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPPayton - CunninghamUpdate Started
Bethel University-SCTPKevin - CurrieInactive
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPMason - MeloyUpdate Complete
FACS Trap-SCTPNoah - GammonInactive
Briarcrest Trap Club-SCTPZachary - MorganUpdate Complete
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPMaximus - GilbertInactive
Giles County Clay Dusters-SCTPBlaine - HarmonUpdate Started
Giles County Clay Dusters-SCTPCameron - WallsUpdate Started
Houston High School Trap Team-SCTPRyan - CarterInactive
Giles County Clay Dusters-SCTPWeston - DuncanUpdate Started
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPAddison - ShouseActive
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPBastian - BothaActive
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPZianne - BothaActive
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPWill - St. ClairActive
Houston High School Trap Team-SCTPEddie - HedrickInactive
Houston High School Trap Team-SCTPKatherine - MattisonInactive
Houston High School Trap Team-SCTPJoseph - WilkinsInactive
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPJustin - St JohnUpdate Complete
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPJack - MossUpdate Complete
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPCatherine - McCulleyUpdate Complete
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPCheyanne - HenryUpdate Complete
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPJacob - FullenUpdate Complete
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPAmanda - BuckUpdate Complete
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPBrandon - BakerUpdate Complete
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPJoshua - ThompsonUpdate Complete
Santa Fe Sharpshooters-SCTPRyan - SweeneyUpdate Complete
Houston High School Trap Team-SCTPChristian - LloydInactive
Clarksville Christian School-SCTPKole - JorritsmaUpdate Complete
Clarksville Christian School-SCTPBryson - StewartRetired
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPDawson - BryanUpdate Complete
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPMackenzie - GheeUpdate Complete
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPBradley - MinorUpdate Complete
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPBraylon - TappInactive
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPJackson - DoughertyUpdate Complete
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPWilliam - DoughertyUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPJackson - BryantUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPLuke - JoslinRetired
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPJackson - BurnsUpdate Complete
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPJackson - DunnActive
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPCarter - GilbertInactive
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPJake - LovingoodUpdate Complete
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPIsaac - MillardInactive
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPLogan - SwaneyUpdate Complete
Hutchison-SCTPAlexis - CorzineInactive
Hutchison-SCTPMary Faith - SharpUpdate Started
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPGrayson - SmithUpdate Complete
Rossville Christian Academy-SCTPGavin - CrowellUpdate Started
Rossville Christian Academy-SCTPMiranda - EadyInactive
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPEthen - LawrenceUpdate Complete
St. Mary's Trap Team-SCTPGrace - DayRetired
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPLogan - CampisiUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPTyler - JohnsonUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPPeyton - WhitesidesInactive
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPSteven Carter - WilliamsInactive
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPBrock - HillUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPKaiden - BrassfieldInactive
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPMason - CarnellUpdate Complete
MBA Big Red-SCTPMax - SlighInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPDrew - DacusInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPBenjamin - EarnestInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPDrew - HoekstraInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPLorelei - KlobeInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPGage - PowellInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPOlivia - TuznickInactive
Franklin High School-SCTPPayce - BeathardUpdate Complete
Franklin High School-SCTPDean - MrkvaInactive
Franklin High School-SCTPSully - MrkvaInactive
Franklin High School-SCTPMatthew - PerryInactive
Franklin High School-SCTPHaley - PoynorUpdate Complete
Franklin High School-SCTPRhys - StevensonInactive
Franklin High School-SCTPCarson - WinnInactive
Collierville High School Trap Team-SCTPCecily - BerryInactive
Collierville High School Trap Team-SCTPGabrielle - BerryInactive
Collierville High School Trap Team-SCTPColton - HugheyInactive
Collierville High School Trap Team-SCTPKatherine - QuinnInactive
Collierville High School Trap Team-SCTPJake - TiptonInactive
HSSC Crush-SCTPEmma - EdwardsUpdate Started
Santa Fe Sharpshooters-SCTPJustin - BeardUpdate Complete
Page High School-SCTPHenry - WestUpdate Complete
Page High School-SCTPIsaac - GambleInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPKyle - CampbellUpdate Complete
Warriors-SCTPHunter - RaleyUpdate Started
Warriors-SCTPMason Wyatt - FreelsUpdate Started
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPHANNAH BETH - FOWLERUpdate Complete
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPWYATT - BRADLEYUpdate Complete
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPBARRETT - BOWERSUpdate Complete
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPCALI - WHITWELLUpdate Complete
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPASHLEY - SMITHInactive
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPJACLYN - MOOREInactive
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPJACK - JOHNSTONUpdate Complete
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPCHRISTIAN - PHILLIPSUpdate Complete
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPBRYANT - WARDUpdate Complete
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPHUNTER - WINSTEADUpdate Complete
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPKENNETH - ELLISUpdate Complete
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPGUNNER - MARTINUpdate Complete
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPScott - BowersRetired
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPThomas - BurgessUpdate Started
Rossville Christian Academy-SCTPHannah - HodginsInactive
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPCaleb - CullenInactive
Page High School-SCTPJonathan Cole - CruiseInactive
Goodpasture Shooting Team-SCTPDaniel - HarringtonInactive
Goodpasture Shooting Team-SCTPCorley - PaulInactive
Goodpasture Shooting Team-SCTPMcClain - BewleyInactive
Goodpasture Shooting Team-SCTPDylan - FaulknerInactive
Cedar City Smash-SCTPBen - StaceyInactive
Cedar City Smash-SCTPBrogan - VongkasemsiriInactive
Pope John Paul II-SCTPLane - LessmanUpdate Started
Pope John Paul II-SCTPWill - LessmanInactive
Pope John Paul II-SCTPBrendan - GoldenUpdate Complete
Pope John Paul II-SCTPConnor - EvansUpdate Complete
Pope John Paul II-SCTPBryson - ForanUpdate Started
Pope John Paul II-SCTPShelby - CavalliUpdate Started
Pope John Paul II-SCTPCade - DavisInactive
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPCayden - FullerInactive
Warriors-SCTPDakota - MinorInactive
Warriors-SCTPDenver - MinorInactive
Warriors-SCTPIsabella - CarrUpdate Started
Warriors-SCTPNicholas - LyonsUpdate Started
Summit High School-SCTPCory - YoungerUpdate Complete
Summit High School-SCTPBrandon - RobertsUpdate Complete
Summit High School-SCTPGavin - MeadowsUpdate Complete
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPMichael - O'NealActive
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPTaylor - SimsUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPTy - WithrowRetired
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPAlex - SanMiguelUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPGunner - SkeltonRetired
Spring Hill Clay Target Team-SCTPLuke - O NealInactive
Spring Hill Clay Target Team-SCTPNicollette - HarperInactive
Spring Hill Clay Target Team-SCTPJaxon - BeardInactive
Grace Christian Academy-SCTPCallan - JonesInactive
Hampshire Trap Team-SCTPLane - RileyUpdate Started
Hampshire Trap Team-SCTPJet - FincherUpdate Started
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPCARSON - STEWARTInactive
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPAaron - MooreInactive
Weakley County Top Guns-SCTPAnnika - JolleyInactive
Weakley County Top Guns-SCTPHayden - EdgeInactive
Germantown High School-SCTPHunter - BlackwellUpdate Started
Germantown High School-SCTPBrooke - MontgomeryUpdate Started
Germantown High School-SCTPChad - CocroftInactive
Germantown High School-SCTPEmma - GurrenInactive
Warriors-SCTPNathan - HarrisUpdate Started
Houston County Lucky Shots-SCTPBrady - BucciarelliInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPBryan - MoseleyInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPRyan - CasteelInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPMary-Alison - GriffeyInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPWeston - CappsInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPOwen - WadeInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPMason - HopkinsInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPBrayden - ThompsonInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPLucas - NormanInactive
Monroe County-SCTPMikinna - QuickRetired
Monroe County-SCTPAshlyn - LinerUpdate Complete
Monroe County-SCTPLandon - ErvinUpdate Complete
Monroe County-SCTPHayden - VanceUpdate Complete
Monroe County-SCTPLucas - MeltonUpdate Started
Monroe County-SCTPHunter - CavettRetired
Monroe County-SCTPJackie - HatfieldUpdate Complete
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPFranklin - CagleInactive
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPIan - FifeUpdate Complete
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPDaniel - HankinsUpdate Complete
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPAiden - TaborUpdate Complete
Lewis County Trap-SCTPAubree - ShultersInactive
Lewis County Trap-SCTPJoshua - NewmanInactive
Macon County Tigers-SCTPBrodie - CoeUpdate Complete
Macon County Tigers-SCTPTyler - EvansInactive
Dickson Clay Commanders-SCTPCaleb - ScottUpdate Started
Summertown Blastin' Crew-SCTPJake - FrazierUpdate Complete
Summertown Blastin' Crew-SCTPHunter - HodgeUpdate Complete
Marshall County Trap Team-SCTPCameron - MooreInactive
Summertown Blastin' Crew-SCTPMatti - McDonaldUpdate Complete
Summertown Blastin' Crew-SCTPCale - GarlandUpdate Complete
Summertown Blastin' Crew-SCTPShelby - ClaytonUpdate Complete
Summit High School-SCTPRay - DunhamUpdate Complete
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPMatthew - CorumUpdate Complete
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPJoe - SmithRetired
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPJULIE - WEBBUpdate Complete
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPLEVI - MILLERRetired
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPKATIE - FRAZIERUpdate Complete
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPCOLT - SEIBERUpdate Complete
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPNick - KidwellInactive
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPLexus - NoeUpdate Complete
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPJacob - NoeInactive
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPAustin - PersingerInactive
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPBroc - ClineInactive
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPBrayden - McKinneyInactive
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPWyatt - MoranInactive
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPBrycen - DavidsonUpdate Started
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPAndrew - PorchInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPCameron - StephensUpdate Complete
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPAshlyn - ForesterUpdate Complete
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPJ T - SteetUpdate Complete
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPJon-Paul - MoralezInactive
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPColin - KellerInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPBrennan - MorrisUpdate Complete
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPWilliam - RamseyUpdate Complete
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPHunter - CarmanyUpdate Started
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPWalker - HowardUpdate Complete
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPAustin - RamseyUpdate Complete
Houston County Lucky Shots-SCTPCooper - BurnaineInactive
Houston County Lucky Shots-SCTPBen - ArnoldInactive
Houston County Lucky Shots-SCTPJay - ArnoldInactive
Houston County Lucky Shots-SCTPBrayden - CarterInactive
Houston County Lucky Shots-SCTPHunter - GiardinoInactive
Houston County Lucky Shots-SCTPNoah - JohnsonInactive
Houston County Lucky Shots-SCTPMalachi - RouseInactive
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPSlade - HiltonUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPWill - SteenbergenUpdate Complete
Providence Christian Academy-SCTPJared - MartinUpdate Started
CPA Minutemen-SCTPSadie - GorleyUpdate Complete
Providence Christian Academy-SCTPJohn - KulikowskiRetired
Providence Christian Academy-SCTPCampbell - PoschUpdate Started
Providence Christian Academy-SCTPWesley - CoxUpdate Started
Providence Christian Academy-SCTPJacob - BoboUpdate Started
Providence Christian Academy-SCTPAllie - WatsonUpdate Started
Providence Christian Academy-SCTPMiles - MoatesRetired
Providence Christian Academy-SCTPBryce - MartinUpdate Started
Providence Christian Academy-SCTPMary Taylor - GrayUpdate Started
Providence Christian Academy-SCTPMaylssa - MaynardUpdate Started
Providence Christian Academy-SCTPHarrison - ShainUpdate Started
Goodpasture Shooting Team-SCTPThomas - EarlyInactive
Goodpasture Shooting Team-SCTPRobert - DuranInactive
Goodpasture Shooting Team-SCTPDrake - HughesInactive
Goodpasture Shooting Team-SCTPCole - SimpsonInactive
Goodpasture Shooting Team-SCTPJustin - ThompsonInactive
Goodpasture Shooting Team-SCTPBrooks - HowellInactive
Goodpasture Shooting Team-SCTPRaiden - VuInactive
CTC-Tennessee-SCTPNelson - RaineyInactive
Carroll County Claybusters-SCTPGarrett - GravesInactive
Carroll County Claybusters-SCTPHunter - SummersInactive
Carroll County Claybusters-SCTPDalton - PraterInactive
Carroll County Claybusters-SCTPZane - MebaneInactive
Carroll County Claybusters-SCTPBrad - HamptonInactive
Claygunners Skeet & Trap Team-SCTPZoie - ScottInactive
CTC-Tennessee-SCTPGrant - PorterInactive
CTC-Tennessee-SCTPJohn - MeghreblianInactive
Roane State Community College Raiders-SCTPAndy - CareyInactive
Montgomery County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPMadison - McMahanInactive
OC Young Guns-SCTPGarrett - FosterInactive
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPAiden - GriggsInactive
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPWilliam - RiceInactive
OC Young Guns-SCTPIsaac - HuffstutterInactive
Montgomery County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPGrayson - HawkinsInactive
CTC-Tennessee-SCTPMcCoy - ConnorInactive
CTC-Tennessee-SCTPNoah - StaffordInactive
Carroll County Claybusters-SCTPCarter - CaryInactive
Carroll County Claybusters-SCTPLuke - FurrInactive
Carroll County Claybusters-SCTPJake - StokesInactive
Carroll County Claybusters-SCTPDillon - MannInactive
Carroll County Claybusters-SCTPSam - SturgisInactive
Carroll County Claybusters-SCTPSierra - SaulsInactive
Carroll County Claybusters-SCTPJohnny - MoudyInactive
Monroe County-SCTPBrannon - WatsonInactive
White County Clay Crackers-SCTPbryer - goldenInactive
University Of TN - Martin-SCTPHunter - WinsteadInactive
Sale Creek Panthers-SCTPTristan - ClarkInactive
Sale Creek Panthers-SCTPKamille - CordellInactive
University Of TN - Martin-SCTPJoseph - SimmonsInactive
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPHunter - WardUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPJebb - SmithInactive
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPChandler - CarmackUpdate Complete
Briarcrest Trap Club-SCTPOscar - GruberInactive
Coffee County Claybusters-SCTPVictoria - MajorsInactive
Coffee County Claybusters-SCTPHayden - JacobsInactive
Cedar City Smash-SCTPSam - LudwikowskiInactive
Cedar City Smash-SCTPKalei - HohimerInactive
Cedar City Smash-SCTPAlexis - FranckInactive
Cedar City Smash-SCTPEli - ForkumInactive
Cedar City Smash-SCTPSam - BurtonInactive
Cedar City Smash-SCTPJohn - WrightInactive
Cedar City Smash-SCTPRobert - WilliamsInactive
Cedar City Smash-SCTPChandler - SheltonInactive
Cedar City Smash-SCTPTanner - RowlandInactive
Cedar City Smash-SCTPJackson - HollandInactive
Cedar City Smash-SCTPWyatt - DixonInactive
Cornfield Shooting Team-SCTPSeth - McUmberInactive
Cornfield Shooting Team-SCTPAnthony - RulandInactive
Cornfield Shooting Team-SCTPJoel Bryson - JonesInactive
Cornfield Shooting Team-SCTPNicholas Coy - HillInactive
Montgomery County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPColton - MillerInactive
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPBailey - HardisonInactive
Signal Mountain Eagles-SCTPMason - SwanInactive
Signal Mountain Eagles-SCTPBraden - CasnerInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPAron - MasonRetired
Signal Mountain Eagles-SCTPCaleb - HarwoodInactive
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPCade - CraftInactive
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPGarrett - RobertsonInactive
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPPayton - BankstonInactive
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPStone - CraftInactive
Hardin County HITMEN-SCTPRiley - TaylorUpdate Started
BGA-SCTPLuke - CrowellInactive
Trousdale Trap Team-SCTPNicholas - PappasInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPWill - SmithInactive
Sale Creek Panthers-SCTPCelia - LeggInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPKevin - HopperInactive
Sale Creek Panthers-SCTPCharley - WatsonInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPGaines - HaussinUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPJames - ThomasUpdate Complete
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPCason - PerryInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPDavid - WatersInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPMichael - SainInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPCale - RushingInactive
Sale Creek Panthers-SCTPBarrett - ClendenenInactive
Oakland High School Patriots-SCTPLandon - McDearmonInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPSam - WestInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPChase - ManessInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPSamuel - RajbunditInactive
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPJaynie - RossonRetired
Sale Creek Panthers-SCTPNolan - DoscherInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPJordan - WhiteInactive
Sale Creek Panthers-SCTPJack - BowmanInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPRainey - RoachInactive
Greene County Trap-SCTPShea - ThornburgInactive
Sale Creek Panthers-SCTPCaleb - NelsonInactive
Oakland High School Patriots-SCTPJacob - BumbaloughInactive
Greene County Trap-SCTPTrevor - OverholtInactive
White County Clay Crackers-SCTPKameron - StewardInactive
Oakland High School Patriots-SCTPElijah - MontgomeryInactive
McNairy County Sport Shooting Team-SCTPCole - MillerInactive
White County Clay Crackers-SCTPCody - BeamanInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPChase - RushingInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPTrevin - RossInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPJason - HayesInactive
Sale Creek Panthers-SCTPParker - ReedInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPJason - OrrInactive
Oakland High School Patriots-SCTPNicholas - VadenInactive
Oakland High School Patriots-SCTPAlyssa - ForteInactive
Shelbyville Trap Team-SCTPJackson - SmithRetired
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPBrandon - MorrisInactive
Greene County Trap-SCTPDennis - ThornburgInactive
Shelbyville Trap Team-SCTPJennie - ConleyRetired
White County Clay Crackers-SCTPKortni - FerraroInactive
McNairy County Sport Shooting Team-SCTPBryce - YoungermanInactive
Sale Creek Panthers-SCTPMarti - RobertsInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPMason - ParkerInactive
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPSam - LongUpdate Complete
Roane State Community College Raiders-SCTPNathan - WattenbargerInactive
Roane State Community College Raiders-SCTPNathan - HembreeInactive
Bethel University-SCTPBryce - LiottaInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPEthan - CareyInactive
University Of TN - Martin-SCTPWilliam Seth - WhiteInactive
Southern Shooting Sports-SCTPAustin - PriddyRetired
CPA Minutemen-SCTPEvan - PerroneInactive
St. Mary's Trap Team-SCTPMary - GeorgeRetired
St. Mary's Trap Team-SCTPMarylee - MuscariRetired
Lawrence County Trap Team-SCTPTy - JohnsonInactive
Lawrence County Trap Team-SCTPBen - WatsonInactive
Lawrence County Trap Team-SCTPHudson - GarnerInactive
Lawrence County Trap Team-SCTPCarson - WaltersInactive
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPGarrett - BashamInactive
Harding Academy of Memphis-SCTPAUSTIN - MORSEInactive
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPTyler - HaneyUpdate Complete
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPJoseph - WarlickRetired
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPJonathan - WarlickUpdate Started
FACS Trap-SCTPKaylor - StewartUpdate Started
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPAaron - WilliamsUpdate Complete
Gibson County Pioneers-SCTPTy - CarsonInactive
Gibson County Pioneers-SCTPDylan - KilzerInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPLane - BrasherInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPSydney - WhiteInactive
Oakland High School Patriots-SCTPReece - TaylorInactive
Trousdale Trap Team-SCTPJordan - RogersInactive
Nashville Christian-SCTPNathan - GaidosInactive
Nashville Christian-SCTPNathaniel - LewisInactive
Nashville Christian-SCTPLogan - MartinInactive
Nashville Christian-SCTPGeorge - Coble IVInactive
Nashville Christian-SCTPChase - MorrisInactive
Trousdale Trap Team-SCTPCayden - ReidInactive
Gibson County Pioneers-SCTPShawn - MercerInactive
CTC-Tennessee-SCTPEvan - LindseyInactive
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPWyatt - LeggettInactive
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPKynadee - ArndtUpdate Complete
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPEan - NealInactive
Lawrence County Trap Team-SCTPMaycie - MurphyUpdate Started
Lawrence County Trap Team-SCTPGrace - BrownInactive
Lawrence County Trap Team-SCTPColby - ThomasInactive
Lawrence County Trap Team-SCTPChloe - WebbInactive
MUS Owls-SCTPZane - SneadInactive
Gibson County Pioneers-SCTPDrake - CowanInactive
Gibson County Pioneers-SCTPMcKinley - HornerInactive
Gibson County Pioneers-SCTPWyatt - HollisInactive
Gibson County Pioneers-SCTPMatt - TateInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPJoe - CappadonaInactive
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPCody - HenryUpdate Complete
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPOwen - HensleyUpdate Complete
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPIan - LairdUpdate Complete
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPRyan - McCulleyUpdate Complete
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPChristopher - RichardsUpdate Complete
Webb Feet-SCTPPhoebe - SmithInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPAvery - JacksonInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPCooper - WilliamsInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPCameron - CollinsInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPRance - MyrickInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPLuke - JacksonInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPCase - BlakenshipInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPAllie - ConradInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPRush - CoxInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPMarshall - McClureInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPCharles - CherryInactive
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPCarson - RoseUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPRachel - CarterUpdate Complete
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPMatthew - MullinsInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPVictor - LarreaInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPDarren - MyeresInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPChristopher - HannahInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPMichael - KranzInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPWilliam - HarrisInactive
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPMason - CameronUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPChristopher - GibbonsUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPEmma - HodgeUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPRiley - HarbinUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPElizabeth - NissenUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPRiley - WiseInactive
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPJayne Elizabeth - WarlickUpdate Started
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPJeremiah - StagnerUpdate Complete
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPKeely - FrazierUpdate Started
Spring Hill Clay Target Team-SCTPAsher - EddlemonInactive
Spring Hill Clay Target Team-SCTPHunter - MosleyInactive
Grace Christian Academy-SCTPRebecca - WrightInactive
Grace Christian Academy-SCTPJacob - DriskillInactive
Grace Christian Academy-SCTPJace - MooreInactive
Grace Christian Academy-SCTPsam - RayInactive
Grace Christian Academy-SCTPJedidiah - PhillipsInactive
Santa Fe Sharpshooters-SCTPBrock - HahnUpdate Complete
Bethel University-SCTPLogan - SamsonInactive
Harding Academy of Memphis-SCTPMICHAEL - MONTGOMERYInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPDylan - RamseyUpdate Complete
CPA Minutemen-SCTPMillerAnne - MayernickUpdate Complete
CPA Minutemen-SCTPHannah - SmithInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPTate - JohnsonInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPBrianne - CummingsUpdate Complete
CPA Minutemen-SCTPMcKay - FlemingInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPRylee - FinucaneInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPScott - ShipmanInactive
Columbia Central High School-SCTPGage - BoltonInactive
Macon County Tigers-SCTPByron - BartleyUpdate Complete
Macon County Tigers-SCTPLevi - CassidyUpdate Complete
Macon County Tigers-SCTPZach - NewberryUpdate Complete
Macon County Tigers-SCTPScott - GreenUpdate Complete
Macon County Tigers-SCTPZachary - WoodardInactive
Macon County Tigers-SCTPBrian - BilbroUpdate Complete
Lawrence County Trap Team-SCTPGage - SaundersInactive
Lawrence County Trap Team-SCTPWill - GulleyInactive
Lawrence County Trap Team-SCTPEthan - MooreInactive
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPAnthony - DeanUpdate Complete
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPKaleb - HeathInactive
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPLacie - BohananUpdate Complete
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPSierra - NoeInactive
University Of TN - Martin-SCTPTy - HurdleInactive
Coffee County Middle Claybusters-SCTPJames - GoldstonInactive
Coffee County Middle Claybusters-SCTPJacob - AndersonInactive
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPChristian - CookInactive
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPPerry - BairdRetired
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPAlex - HillUpdate Complete
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPAran - AbramsUpdate Complete
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPLucas - BucknerUpdate Complete
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPRyan - GreenlawUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPBryant - DowningUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPMakenzie - BrownUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPAustin - HillmanUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPJaxson - WhittenburgRetired
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPJack - LoveRetired
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPBoone - PollardUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPJosh - WorleyRetired
Northpoint Christian School-SCTPBeau - CharnesInactive
Northpoint Christian School-SCTPReece - GrahamUpdate Complete
Northpoint Christian School-SCTPHunter - MillowayInactive
Gibson County Pioneers-SCTPBlaine - CookseyInactive
Gibson County Pioneers-SCTPHaley - ThompsonInactive
Gibson County Pioneers-SCTPClayton - JohnsonInactive
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPConnor - HowardInactive
Monroe County-SCTPElijah - GoinesRetired
Monroe County-SCTPAnderson - LovingoodUpdate Complete
Monroe County-SCTPSidney - RuckerUpdate Complete
FBA Eagles-SCTPJosh - RettererInactive
FBA Eagles-SCTPEli - BoggsInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPCooper - MasonInactive
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPAustin - ThackerInactive
Briarcrest Trap Club-SCTPJordan - WrightInactive
Briarcrest Trap Club-SCTPEmma - CliftInactive
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPAndrew - MccownInactive
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPJack - MorrisonInactive
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPRoss - MckinneyInactive
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPLuke - WetzelInactive
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPEthen - LawrenceInactive
South Carroll Scholastic Shooting Team-SCTPLogan - WitcherInactive
Goodpasture Shooting Team-SCTPZach - CarrInactive
Goodpasture Shooting Team-SCTPJordan - ElliottInactive
Goodpasture Shooting Team-SCTPDylan - SloanInactive
Germantown High School-SCTPDavid - WilburnUpdate Started
Germantown High School-SCTPTanijah - KyeUpdate Started
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPEli - WilsonUpdate Complete
FACS Trap-SCTPHunter - NealInactive
FACS Trap-SCTPBrooks - WileyInactive
Pope John Paul II-SCTPAnthony - AmoreseUpdate Complete
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPMason - MullinsInactive
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPNolan - LovvornUpdate Complete
BGA-SCTPOverton Moved? - RobertsRetired
Houston County Lucky Shots-SCTPBradyn - DewInactive
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPMatthew - LambdinInactive
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPKelton - EvansUpdate Started
Westminster-SCTPWill - DoughertyInactive
Westminster-SCTPsam - BeshUpdate Complete
Westminster-SCTPCaroline - CruseUpdate Complete
Westminster-SCTPAnnalise - EllardUpdate Complete
Westminster-SCTPJulianna - MayUpdate Complete
Westminster-SCTPMae Mae - ReneauUpdate Complete
Westminster-SCTPJohn - SaundersUpdate Complete
Westminster-SCTPAva - ViningUpdate Complete
Bethel University-SCTPKatelyn - CothronInactive
Bethel University-SCTPCole - GintertInactive
Bethel University-SCTPHenry - HardinInactive
Bethel University-SCTPWilliam (Chase) - PattersonInactive
Bethel University-SCTPWilfred - SchoepleinInactive
Bethel University-SCTPMegan - ScrewsInactive
Bethel University-SCTPDalana - VeazeyInactive
Martin Methodist College-SCTPJustin - ReedInactive
Dickson Clay Commanders-SCTPKayden - DavisUpdate Started
Dickson Clay Commanders-SCTPMiles - JonesRetired
Dickson Clay Commanders-SCTPLauren - BloomRetired
USJ Sport Shooting Team-SCTPJondavid - BoxUpdate Complete
USJ Sport Shooting Team-SCTPJohn - LangleyUpdate Complete
Arlington Trappers-SCTPWinn - BinghamInactive
CCTA - NO OPTION-SCTPCharlie - VickreyInactive
Covington 4-H Trap-SCTPBailey - WhiteInactive
Covington 4-H Trap-SCTPDrew - SmithInactive
Martin Methodist College-SCTPCaleb - LindseyInactive
Martin Methodist College-SCTPCorey - HuttoInactive
CTC-Tennessee-SCTPHeather - BroskiInactive
CTC-Tennessee-SCTPEmma - WilliamsInactive
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPMaci - GerntInactive
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPLandon - MobleyInactive
University Of TN - Martin-SCTPHunter - RowlandInactive
FACS Trap-SCTPAdam - ConreyInactive
Bethel University-SCTPHunter - FletcherInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPShelby - SummersInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPDalton - DoddInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPWade - TuckerInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPChasden - WadeInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPEvan - BevillInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPAustin - FusonInactive
Bethel University-SCTPBrandon - HudgensRetired
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPLogan - CallawayInactive
Bethel University-SCTPNathan - FordInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPJarrett - TallentInactive
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPEthan - McfarlaneInactive
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPDavid - WalkerInactive
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPCooper - McFarlaneInactive
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPBlaine - RouseInactive
Martin Methodist College-SCTPCJ - LedfordInactive
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPMORGAN - MARTINInactive
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPWILL - MCBRIDEInactive
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPRICHARD CLAY - WILSONUpdate Complete
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPHannah - AdkinsUpdate Started
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPNATHAN - NANNEYInactive
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPNATHAN - RORERRetired
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPLOGAN - GREENUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPClint - McClendonRetired
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPTanner - MullerRetired
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPMichael - SelfRetired
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPColeman - StaceyRetired
Monroe County-SCTPCole - PrinceUpdate Complete
Monroe County-SCTPArcher - ReeseUpdate Complete
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPMatthew - CummingsInactive
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPGarrett - FosterInactive
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPGarrett - SydnorInactive
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPKeenan - MillerInactive
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPChase - TruettInactive
OC Young Guns-SCTPMatthew - CummingsInactive
Martin Methodist College-SCTPLonnie - Dillard IIIInactive
Martin Methodist College-SCTPTori - BrownInactive
Santa Fe Sharpshooters-SCTPGarrett - MillsInactive
Clarksville Academy-SCTPTyler - ByardInactive
Martin Methodist College-SCTPMadelynn - BernauInactive
Martin Methodist College-SCTPMeredith - BernauInactive
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPHalle - RileyInactive
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPRachel - RossInactive
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPJaycob - JohnsonInactive
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPColby - LancasterInactive
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPTriston - HobbsInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPVictoria - ThomasInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPJohn - WatkinsInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPLevi - HamiltonInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPKyle - LeuciInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPBrayden - ToshInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPBeau - MitchellInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPAddison - DelaneyInactive
Eagleville Clay Target Team-SCTPEmily - VivretteInactive
Martin Methodist College-SCTPReagan - HardingInactive
Covington 4-H Trap-SCTPGage - CochranInactive
Covington 4-H Trap-SCTPDylan - BlevinsInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPWill - GrochauInactive
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPAinsley - HarringtonInactive
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPCarey - GarrisonRetired
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPClint - MartinUpdate Complete
Giles County Clay Dusters-SCTPMae - McGowanRetired
Giles County Clay Dusters-SCTPLane - DavisInactive
Montgomery County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPKara - BrewerInactive
N2Dust Shotgun Sports-SCTPJacob - SellersRetired
Spring Hill Clay Target Team-SCTPHeather - ArgueInactive
Spring Hill Clay Target Team-SCTPLaura - DeCuirInactive
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPCarey - GarrisonInactive
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPAlex - PettyUpdate Complete
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPNoah - GerntUpdate Complete
Clay County Trap-SCTPElla - McLerranUpdate Started
Clay County Trap-SCTPStone - LynnUpdate Started
Spring Hill Clay Target Team-SCTPEmma - ParkUpdate Started
CTC-Tennessee-SCTPGracin - AndersonInactive
Warriors-SCTPpreston - priceInactive
Warriors-SCTPpaul - wyattInactive
Martin Methodist College-SCTPPhilip - PostonInactive
Martin Methodist College-SCTPTravis - DicksonInactive
Martin Methodist College-SCTPSydney - CarsonInactive
Martin Methodist College-SCTPSeth - ThompsonInactive
HSSC Crush-SCTPWalker - WoodsInactive
Eagleville Clay Target Team-SCTPBrandon - NapierInactive
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPHolden - MooreInactive
Houston High School Trap Team-SCTPDrew - HormbergInactive
Southern Shooting Sports-SCTPMiller - WardInactive
Houston High School Trap Team-SCTPRiley - GriffinInactive
Clarksville Academy-SCTPLuke - PostonInactive
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPMason - BennettUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPKenley - BrogdonUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPKade - ForsytheUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPKase - McfarlandUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPEmilee - MillerUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPSam - RogersUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPJacob - StephensonRetired
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPRyan - PattersonUpdate Started
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPKlay - PirtleUpdate Started
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPMason - GoadUpdate Started
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPLawson - MallardInactive
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPChandler - HinsonRetired
Summit High School-SCTPEmma - StalkerUpdate Complete
Summit High School-SCTPMadeline - KuhnInactive
Gibson County Pioneers-SCTPCole - GarrisonInactive
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPCarson - PlantUpdate Started
Lewis County Trap-SCTPVictoria - WaltonInactive
Clarksville Christian School-SCTPCarter - DeanRetired
Clarksville Christian School-SCTPJacob - TravisRetired
Lewis County Trap-SCTPGrant - PasoldInactive
Lewis County Trap-SCTPLandon - BurkheadInactive
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPCaleb - BoswellInactive
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPSara - DavisInactive
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPMatthew - WalkerInactive
Lawrence County Trap Team-SCTPAli - BeckInactive
Lawrence County Trap Team-SCTPTaylen - LanceInactive
Summit High School-SCTPYazka - MendozaInactive
Coffee County Claybusters-SCTPAlexus - StaceyInactive
Clay County Trap-SCTPJack - WrightRetired
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPBlythe - BookerUpdate Complete
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPBrae - BookerUpdate Complete
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPMason - WeasInactive
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPHoward (Trey) - Thacker IIIInactive
Cedar City Smash-SCTPJustin - SammonsInactive
Summit High School-SCTPMegan - SearchInactive
Summit High School-SCTPJustin - YagerInactive
Centennial Clay Target Team-SCTPOliver - HallUpdate Complete
Summertown Blastin' Crew-SCTPAutumn - BrockRetired
Summertown Blastin' Crew-SCTPJustin - KennedyRetired
Summertown Blastin' Crew-SCTPKenley - HillRetired
Summertown Blastin' Crew-SCTPCaleb - ClaytonRetired
Weakley County Top Guns-SCTPWilliam - ReaInactive
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPTREY - BOWERS IIIUpdate Complete
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPTanis - BirminghamInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPPatrick - KochInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPThomas David - McNamaraInactive
FACS Trap-SCTPHarrison - NealInactive
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPFayth - LayneInactive
Monroe County-SCTPWestin - CookInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPWyatt - CadeUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPEdward - CockrumUpdate Complete
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPBrandon - ReedInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPKylie - KefferInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPSlater - CogginUpdate Complete
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPChristopher - NoeUpdate Complete
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPBenjamin - SeatonActive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPTyler - WebbRetired
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPLuke - MarlinRetired
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPGriffin - DeckerInactive
Warriors-SCTPIsaac A. - BarnesInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPGarret - PickensInactive
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPEvan - MaloneInactive
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPPhilip - PainterInactive
Warriors-SCTPThomas - ArmourInactive
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPAiden - AllenUpdate Started
Warriors-SCTPGage - DaughertyInactive
Warriors-SCTPJonathan (Knox) - WoidtkeInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPTaylor - BateyUpdate Complete
BGA-SCTPRobbie - WrightRetired
Santa Fe Sharpshooters-SCTPCameron - AdkisonInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPEli - BaylessUpdate Complete
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPSamuel - PhillipsUpdate Started
Monroe County-SCTPWilliam - HuntUpdate Complete
Lead Shot Legends-SCTPClay - ManeyInactive
Hardin County HITMEN-SCTPJade - BridgesUpdate Started
Warriors-SCTPTruman - DouglassInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPPreston - MartinInactive
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPAdam - SkeltonRetired
BGA-SCTPDrew - LambInactive
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPBenjamin - FarmerUpdate Complete
Rossville Christian Academy-SCTPNick - KingRetired
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPJohn - Spence IIIInactive
BGA-SCTPGavin - ConnorsInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPDrew - HeadrickInactive
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPBrexton - TatumRetired
Lead Shot Legends-SCTPParker - LandersInactive
Warriors-SCTPPatrick - CalhounInactive
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPCody - BellInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPIan - MurphyInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPEli - MillerInactive
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPGunner - BradfordRetired
Unaka Shooters-SCTPAdeline - MelvinRetired
Lead Shot Legends-SCTPChase - JamersonInactive
Lead Shot Legends-SCTPSullivan - SissonInactive
Lead Shot Legends-SCTPLane - StricklandInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPGraham - RotenUpdate Complete
BGA-SCTPLiam - KrebsRetired
Monroe County-SCTPMax - GunterUpdate Complete
Harding Academy of Memphis-SCTPKristen - PowellInactive
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPBlaine - O'DonnellInactive
Page High School-SCTPBlaine - BushnellUpdate Complete
Clay County Trap-SCTPPeyton - YoungRetired
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPCarson - SummersInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPAnthony - ScrogginsUpdate Complete
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPDyson - RemlingUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPJarick - ReynoldsUpdate Started
Spring Hill Clay Target Team-SCTPJack - ArgueInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPLevi - RabeyInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPCason - DementUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPWyatt - MartinUpdate Complete
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPJessica - VisserInactive
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPIsaac - PassarellaRetired
Clay County Trap-SCTPElisha - RichUpdate Started
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPHudson - CepparuloInactive
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPIsaac - SherrillUpdate Complete
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPSeth - LaddInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPEric - TaylorInactive
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPTrenton - PierceInactive
Lead Shot Legends-SCTPClay - StricklandInactive
BGA-SCTPZachary - BankemperInactive
BGA-SCTPParker - BennettRetired
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPMichael - BrungardtInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPWill - WolbrechtInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPPreston - RotenInactive
BGA-SCTPBrown - JewellInactive
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPWesley - WebsterRetired
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPAndrew - PrattInactive
Unaka Shooters-SCTPGage - DeLoachRetired
BGA-SCTPJack - BurnsInactive
BGA-SCTPMax Moved? - ByramRetired
University Of TN - Martin-SCTPAlysha - BevillInactive
Bethel University-SCTPKayla - BrogdonInactive
Spring Hill Clay Target Team-SCTPLaura - DeCuirInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPCalvin - ManloveInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPJud - AlexanderInactive
Spring Hill Clay Target Team-SCTPEmily - DeCuirInactive
Martin Methodist College-SCTPEli - ChristmanInactive
Martin Methodist College-SCTPNathan - EisenhardtInactive
Martin Methodist College-SCTPStephanie - GutierrezInactive
Bethel University-SCTPHayden - PriceInactive
Bethel University-SCTPJames - KellyInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPDylan - WingInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPTyler - YarbroughInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPBrock - ZinnInactive
Dickson Clay Commanders-SCTPJack - McIllwainRetired
Collierville High School Trap Team-SCTPAndrew - MullinInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPMichael - BakerInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPJake - BlockInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPRodger - HawkinsInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPTaylor - KnightInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPJoshua - MaddockInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPRoman - RushingInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPRandolph - SmytheInactive
Eagleville Clay Target Team-SCTPAndrew - NapierInactive
Eagleville Clay Target Team-SCTPHunter - BooneInactive
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPLincoln - CoxInactive
Santa Fe Sharpshooters-SCTPGracie - MillsUpdate Complete
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPParker - JamesInactive
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPHayes - RileyInactive
Franklin High School-SCTPCarli - BarthelUpdate Complete
Franklin High School-SCTPWill - PoynorUpdate Complete
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPJakob - RussellInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPCaden - DelaneyInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPMiles - MackeyInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPRemington - LoweInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPCarson - HancockInactive
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPMcKinley - FloryUpdate Complete
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPJacob - SullivanUpdate Complete
Hardin County HITMEN-SCTPNick - AndersonUpdate Started
Page High School-SCTPMary-Jennings - BushnellUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPChristian - WagnerUpdate Complete
Page High School-SCTPDavid - ManciniRetired
Columbia Central High School-SCTPDevin - FarmerInactive
Columbia Central High School-SCTPChase - LaForestInactive
Columbia Central High School-SCTPJames - IveyInactive
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPHayden - DemastusActive
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPEllie - HuddlestonActive
Spring Hill Clay Target Team-SCTPCooper - SpringerInactive
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPConnor - WebbUpdate Complete
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPCARSON - DINNINGUpdate Complete
N2Dust Shotgun Sports-SCTPAndrew - WesnerRetired
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPLoren - DavisInactive
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPMatthew - SentellInactive
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPChristopher - GarrisonRetired
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPColton - MastersInactive
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPLogan - MeekInactive
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPSamantha - PorterInactive
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPKamdon - MeredithInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPChloe - WilliamsInactive
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPAshley - SellersUpdate Complete
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPEthan - JonesUpdate Complete
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPLawson - DavenportRetired
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPRiley - NapierInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPZack - WolfeInactive
Macon County Tigers-SCTPTucker - GunterInactive
Lewis County Trap-SCTPBENTLEY - ANTHONYInactive
Marshall County Trap Team-SCTPNick - ThompsonUpdate Started
Lewis County Trap-SCTPSydney - OwenInactive
Santa Fe Sharpshooters-SCTPCarly - McGeeUpdate Complete
Covington 4-H Trap-SCTPKaleigh - GardnerInactive
Covington 4-H Trap-SCTPKatelyn - GardnerInactive
Covington 4-H Trap-SCTPArtemio - JaimezInactive
Independence Trap Team-SCTPJacob - LinkousRetired
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPSam - JorgensenUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPNicholas - UnderwoodRetired
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPTaylor - NixonUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPJoe - FeliceRetired
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPLuke - JohnsonUpdate Complete
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPAbbigail - MooreInactive
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPBrayden - ScottInactive
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPGrant - SummersInactive
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPCarlie - WilliamsInactive
BGA-SCTPChristopher - RegulRetired
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPNathan - MacPhersonInactive
Briarcrest Trap Club-SCTPSam - VarnerInactive
Briarcrest Trap Club-SCTPAlex - WildeInactive
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPHagen - FannUpdate Complete
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPDalton - FoxInactive
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPHunter - GravesUpdate Complete
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPChloe - HautlyInactive
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPTyler - LanceRetired
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPRyan - LoganInactive
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPAustin - MitchellInactive
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPHunter - OwenInactive
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPMary Beth - PattersonRetired
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPGabriella - PowellRetired
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPEthan - SimonInactive
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPBrady - SissomRetired
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPCorey - SmithInactive
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPSeth - ToddInactive
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPCody - WarrenRetired
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPLevi - WomackRetired
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPChristopher - YoungRetired
Harding Academy of Memphis-SCTPHAYDEN - RILEYInactive
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPEthan - JohnsonInactive
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPHunter - SaneUpdate Complete
Coffee County Claybusters-SCTPEmma - MathewsInactive
Coffee County Claybusters-SCTPLogan - MeadowsInactive
Coffee County Middle Claybusters-SCTPAubrey - PayneInactive
Coffee County Middle Claybusters-SCTPJonah - WyattInactive
Columbia Central High School-SCTPTucker - BowlingInactive
Columbia Central High School-SCTPJackson - GoosetreeInactive
Columbia Central High School-SCTPClaire - NaddyInactive
Summit High School-SCTPCassidy - FlattInactive
Summit High School-SCTPSandlin - LavenderUpdate Complete
Summit High School-SCTPWesley - RummageInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPWills - CrookInactive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPDavid - EnochUpdate Complete
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPDuplicate Entry - AdamsRetired
FACS Trap-SCTPKaylor - StewartInactive
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPWill - BurtonUpdate Complete
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPJacob - ColemanUpdate Complete
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPCaleb - GeiserInactive
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPJudson - TappInactive
FBA Eagles-SCTPKeely - BatesInactive
FBA Eagles-SCTPMatthew - Van DykeInactive
FBA Eagles-SCTPJoshua - Van DykeInactive
FBA Eagles-SCTPMack - WoodInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPCraig - AndersonInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPCaden - KeaslerUpdate Complete
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPCameron - KnightInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPBlake - RussellInactive
Houston County Lucky Shots-SCTPElisha - ColemanInactive
Houston County Lucky Shots-SCTPGarron - HollandInactive
Shelbyville Trap Team-SCTPGunnar - McGowanInactive
Shelbyville Trap Team-SCTPJoel Nate - DoakInactive
Shelbyville Trap Team-SCTPHunter - WilhelmInactive
Shelbyville Trap Team-SCTPJacob - FlannaganInactive
Shelbyville Trap Team-SCTPConner Garrett - DoakInactive
Shelbyville Trap Team-SCTPMadelynne - CarsonInactive
Nashville Christian-SCTPNolan - ArnoldInactive
BGA-SCTPTrace - Grad 2019 - AdamsRetired
MUS Owls-SCTPHugh - BourlandInactive
MUS Owls-SCTPSterling - HollabaughInactive
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPEthan - DavisUpdate Started
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPMaleah - EpleyUpdate Started
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPLanden - PeekInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPMatthew - SandersInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPChloe - WilliamsInactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPJake - DunavantInactive
Rossville Christian Academy-SCTPMichael - KilgoreRetired
Rossville Christian Academy-SCTPLee - HobbsRetired
Bethel University-SCTPJerry - ReeseInactive
Martin Methodist College-SCTPTrent - PayneInactive
Martin Methodist College-SCTPSam - ReeseInactive
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPJustin - AlmondInactive
Houston High School Trap Team-SCTPWilliam John - LloydInactive
Houston High School Trap Team-SCTPRiley - EdensInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPConnor - DaigreInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPMatt - MoreauInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPNoel - SengelInactive
CBHS Brothers In Arms-SCTPNicholas - StameyInactive
ECS Trap-SCTPWade - ScottUpdate Complete
Page High School-SCTPAidan - HarrisRetired
Page High School-SCTPPeyton - HarrisRetired
Page High School-SCTPOlivia - McClainRetired
Page High School-SCTPLalit - PusapatiRetired
Page High School-SCTPNoah - FairClothUpdate Complete
Page High School-SCTPJames Reed - McKnight IIIUpdate Complete
University Of TN - Martin-SCTPDustin - SmithInactive
Franklin High School-SCTPEthan - HillUpdate Complete
Collierville High School Trap Team-SCTPCole - KirbyInactive
Collierville High School Trap Team-SCTPJeremy - SmithInactive
Collierville High School Trap Team-SCTPLogan - SpragueInactive
Collierville High School Trap Team-SCTPJoseph - ThiemeInactive
Collierville High School Trap Team-SCTPColin - WhitmireInactive
Giles County Clay Dusters-SCTPCooper - HlubbInactive
Santa Fe Sharpshooters-SCTPAnderson - ClayborneUpdate Complete
Santa Fe Sharpshooters-SCTPJacob - BeardUpdate Complete
Dickson Clay Commanders-SCTPDyson - WeaverRetired
tri-state gun club-SCTPBrayden - BoydInactive
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPGabe - CryeUpdate Complete
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPHayden - WrightActive
Franklin High School-SCTPLuke - JennetteUpdate Complete
Franklin High School-SCTPLeland - WaltersUpdate Complete
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPTanner - ThomasInactive
Spring Hill Clay Target Team-SCTPBraden - MooreInactive
Clarksville Christian School-SCTPMallory - TravisUpdate Complete
Clarksville Christian School-SCTPShirley - AnsellUpdate Complete
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPWyatt - CunninghamInactive
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPJagger - McClainInactive
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPDrake - HamiltonInactive
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPJacob - PoolInactive
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPTroy - DavisInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPCollin - WhiteheadInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPDrew - OvertonInactive
Henry Co. No Fly Zone-SCTPJames - LacyInactive
Clarksville Academy-SCTPWeston - BellInactive
Clarksville Academy-SCTPLandry - ForteInactive
Clarksville Academy-SCTPVictoria - HilfikerInactive
Clarksville Academy-SCTPVictoria - HilfikerInactive
Clarksville Academy-SCTPJackson - TrotterInactive
Clay County Trap-SCTPBrianna - McLerranInactive
CCTA - NO OPTION-SCTPJacob - ManningInactive
Monroe County-SCTPCylas - PrinceUpdate Complete
Obion County Shooting Sports-SCTPNoah - HatchettInactive
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPScott - ReaganInactive
Eagleville Clay Target Team-SCTPKolbein - MathisenInactive
HSSC Crush-SCTPWilliam - GallowayInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPCameron - CableUpdate Complete
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPRiley - NapierInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPMacey - BrewerInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPBilly - HearonUpdate Complete
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPWyatt - MartinezInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPMikila - VarnerInactive
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPLogan - BryantUpdate Complete
Heritage Shooting Team-SCTPNicholas - MyersUpdate Complete
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPHunter - ChasonRetired
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPCharlie - McCoyRetired
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPCamden - RiceRetired
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPCameron - TurbettUpdate Started
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPBrayden - AkinsUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPConnor - FrasureUpdate Started
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPBraxton - LambUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPSeth - McGheeUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPJacob - WilliamsUpdate Complete
Macon County Tigers-SCTPCalli - BolesUpdate Complete
Macon County Tigers-SCTPWilliam - HarpUpdate Complete
Webb Feet-SCTPLuke - LedbetterInactive
Haywood Young Guns-SCTPCole - MeeksInactive
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPEthan - BellInactive
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPWill - ConstantInactive
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPGrant - DykesInactive
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPJohn - DykesInactive
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPLawson - HamlinInactive
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPPorter - JenkinsInactive
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPBrayden - RouseInactive
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPCaleb - TetletonInactive
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPHeath - WhitneyInactive
FBA Eagles-SCTPCharles - FarrisInactive
Harding Academy of Memphis-SCTPJoel - TownsdinInactive
FACS Trap-SCTPJackson - ThorntonInactive
Martin Methodist College-SCTPCooper - WyattInactive
FBA Eagles-SCTPSeth - AileyInactive
FBA Eagles-SCTPHannah - KoernerInactive
FBA Eagles-SCTPLandon - VogtInactive
FBA Eagles-SCTPAvery - CarrInactive
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPMayes - PattatUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPHunter - HarrisUpdate Complete
Lewis County Trap-SCTPNATHANIEL - CAAMALInactive
Lewis County Trap-SCTPMadicyn - CogdillInactive
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPCarson - BradberryUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPHarrison - HicksUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPJackson - MilamUpdate Complete
Santa Fe Sharpshooters-SCTPgarrison - millsInactive
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPHunter - TownsendUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPHavannah - WoodUpdate Complete
Warriors-SCTPEli - MayesInactive
Grace Christian Academy-SCTPEthan - CalhounRetired
Grace Christian Academy-SCTPCarson - PearceInactive
Goodpasture Shooting Team-SCTPParker X - JohnsonInactive
Goodpasture Shooting Team-SCTPMason - ChadwellInactive
Goodpasture Shooting Team-SCTPFranklin - ManleyInactive
Germantown High School-SCTPRebeka - DuckettInactive
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPJoseph - BryantInactive
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPAlivia - ChambersInactive
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPKimberly - OttingerInactive
HFA Clay Target Team-SCTPEthan - CarlsonUpdate Started
BGA-SCTPPark - BallashUpdate Started
BGA-SCTPJack - FangInactive
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPZacharius - BurgessRetired
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPRocky - HarperUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPIan - HarrisonRetired
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPRoger - MarbetRetired
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPJohn (Jack ) - TalleyRetired
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPGregory - JonesRetired
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPZacharius - BurgessInactive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPLogan - BarrettRetired
Summertown Blastin' Crew-SCTPBen - ChapmanRetired
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPSam - BogleUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPColton - DawsonUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPOwen - FairUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPTrey - FinchUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPMadison - FleisherUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPSeth - GordonUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPHunter - MorrisUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPWill - ThompsonUpdate Complete
CPA Minutemen-SCTPCaleb - GorleyUpdate Complete
Coffee County Claybusters-SCTPTucker - CarltonInactive
Coffee County Claybusters-SCTPColter - SmithInactive
Coffee County Claybusters-SCTPXavier - BartleyInactive
Coffee County Middle Claybusters-SCTPRiley - BellomyInactive
Coffee County Claybusters-SCTPBrayden - DavenportInactive
Coffee County Middle Claybusters-SCTPDavidson - BradenInactive
Coffee County Middle Claybusters-SCTPDylan - HickersonInactive
Coffee County Middle Claybusters-SCTPGarrett - TaylorInactive
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPTrevor - MartinUpdate Complete
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPTroy - WilliamsUpdate Complete
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPJames - VassarUpdate Complete
Summit High School-SCTPCaston - HenselUpdate Complete
Summit High School-SCTPSamuel - SeadlerUpdate Complete
Shelbyville Trap Team-SCTPEmma - HillInactive
Shelbyville Trap Team-SCTPJamison - ParkerInactive
Shelbyville Trap Team-SCTPEvan - PhillipsInactive
Nashville Christian-SCTPAxton - HuntInactive
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPAngela - VasserRetired
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPCaden - GrahamUpdate Complete
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPRidge - MorganUpdate Complete
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPGracie - JohnsonUpdate Complete
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPZachary - ZimmermanUpdate Complete
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPNicholas - EwtonUpdate Complete
St. Mary's Trap Team-SCTPRuth - CallicottActive
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPBill - CookseyInactive
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPSydney - FryeInactive
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPSydney - FryeInactive
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPConner - VenkusInactive
Houston County Lucky Shots-SCTPHouston - LewisInactive
Houston County Lucky Shots-SCTPCreighton - BurnaineInactive
Houston County Lucky Shots-SCTPPhillip - BaggettInactive
Marshall County Trap Team-SCTPJoseph - KnightInactive
Hardin County HITMEN-SCTPHayden - StricklinUpdate Started
Hardin County HITMEN-SCTPNathan - LewisUpdate Started
Hardin County HITMEN-SCTPCaitie - HurtUpdate Started
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPCaroline - StiefvaterUpdate Complete
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPSpencer - StewartUpdate Complete
South Carroll Scholastic Shooting Team-SCTPRiley - CardenInactive
South Carroll Scholastic Shooting Team-SCTPJoseph - DelaneyInactive
South Carroll Scholastic Shooting Team-SCTPHelen - PerryInactive
South Carroll Scholastic Shooting Team-SCTPMichael - SchafferInactive
South Carroll Scholastic Shooting Team-SCTPRiley - VaughnInactive
Lead Shot Legends-SCTPDakota - MartinInactive
MUS Owls-SCTPZane - SneadInactive
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPTrenton - BatesUpdate Started
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPADASYN - HORNBURGERUpdate Started
Northpoint Christian School-SCTPMaddox - BrooksUpdate Complete
Northpoint Christian School-SCTPNadia - HowardUpdate Complete
Lead Shot Legends-SCTPLandon - GunnInactive
Lead Shot Legends-SCTPSidney - RuckerInactive
Northpoint Christian School-SCTPSarah - MorrowUpdate Complete
Northpoint Christian School-SCTPPayne - PignoccoInactive
Hutchison-SCTPKatherine - ReddInactive
Hutchison-SCTPGrace - ClementInactive
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPGrayson - ClarkInactive
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPBrody - DreadenInactive
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPWill - EllisUpdate Started
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPCaeden - HuntUpdate Started
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPFrank - MathewsUpdate Started
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPSawyer - PorchUpdate Started
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPJacob - RobertsUpdate Started
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPCARLI - BEELERInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPJake - HuckabeeInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPCarson - GeorgeInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPHarrison - WilliamsInactive
Bethel University-SCTPBrooke - BarnettInactive
Bethel University-SCTPStephen - BolesInactive
Bethel University-SCTPMakayla - EadyInactive
Bethel University-SCTPLindsey - MartinInactive
Bethel University-SCTPAllie-Grace - MoranInactive
Bethel University-SCTPMatt - ProbstInactive
Bethel University-SCTPBriar - RayInactive
Bethel University-SCTPHuntter - SpencerInactive
Bethel University-SCTPZachary - WellsInactive
Bethel University-SCTPKody - WilderInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPAnnalise - KlobeInactive
Martin Methodist College-SCTPAustin - CarletonInactive
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPCourtney - GlassUpdate Complete
Clarksville Academy-SCTPMacy - WallaceInactive
Arlington Trappers-SCTPLuke - TerpstraInactive
Franklin High School-SCTPSamuel - LambUpdate Complete
Franklin High School-SCTPJames - AnisiUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPJackson - HenryInactive
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPJacob - HenryUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPJonathan - BalcunasUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPKyle - ArnoldUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPMakayla - FoustUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPAnsel - KhamapiradUpdate Complete
Rossville Christian Academy-SCTPMackenzie - EadyInactive
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPDalton - PevahouseRetired
Giles County Clay Dusters-SCTPHaley - PenleyUpdate Started
Austin Peay State University-SCTPWylie - RandallInactive
Giles County Clay Dusters-SCTPNichole - NicholsRetired
ECS Trap-SCTPRichard - EngleUpdate Started
ECS Trap-SCTPRobin - DaughheteeUpdate Started
ECS Trap-SCTPHarry - HutchinsInactive
ECS Trap-SCTPJohn - WebsterInactive
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPBrian - FosterUpdate Started
Page High School-SCTPNathalie - SokolUpdate Complete
Hardin County HITMEN-SCTPHunter - ReevesUpdate Started
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPHarley - BerglandInactive
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPCara - DobbsActive
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPConnor - GravesActive
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPMatthew - FarleyUpdate Complete
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPLilyPearl - DemastusActive
Franklin High School-SCTPJack - BurtchaellUpdate Complete
Summit High School-SCTPAlexander - GriffinUpdate Complete
Summit High School-SCTPJack - CollinsUpdate Complete
Summit High School-SCTPJames - HendricksonUpdate Complete
Summit High School-SCTPNicholas - MilaniInactive
Summit High School-SCTPJoshua - PawlakUpdate Complete
Summit High School-SCTPZachariah - PawlakUpdate Complete
Summit High School-SCTPIsaiah - ThompsonUpdate Complete
Clarksville Christian School-SCTPMatthew - LandUpdate Complete
Clarksville Christian School-SCTPCannon - PratherUpdate Complete
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPLoren - DavisInactive
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPDavid - CartwrightInactive
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPLucas - DavisInactive
Dyer County Clay Target Team-SCTPBen - BradyInactive
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPSharon - AlbinUpdate Complete
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPAudrey - WilliamsUpdate Complete
White County Woodsmen-SCTPAustin - BillingsleyUpdate Complete
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPAva - WardUpdate Started
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPAvery - DavisUpdate Complete
CPA Minutemen-SCTPAbigail - WalkerUpdate Started
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPAyden - WallenUpdate Complete
Nashville Christian-SCTPBaron - MartinUpdate Complete
Towering Oaks Christian School-SCTPBen - BallastUpdate Complete
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPBrayden - BransonUpdate Started
CPA Minutemen-SCTPBo - ChanceUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPBen - livesayUpdate Complete
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPBen - CastellawUpdate Started
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPBen - DavisUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPBryson - GrahamUpdate Complete
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPJosh Drayden - MorrisUpdate Started
Westminster-SCTPBobby - McAlexanderUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPBryant - PrinceUpdate Complete
Houston County Lucky Shots-SCTPBradyn - DewUpdate Started
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPBrady - PlemonsUpdate Complete
Houston County Lucky Shots-SCTPBranson - AndersonUpdate Started
Houston County Lucky Shots-SCTPBradyen - CarterUpdate Started
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPBrayden - HuntUpdate Complete
Northpoint Christian School-SCTPBrent - HughesUpdate Complete
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPBrett - CarterUpdate Started
Grace Christian Academy-SCTPLuke - BrittUpdate Started
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPBrody - CampisiUpdate Complete
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPBrody - LoweUpdate Started
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPBronson - BurdActive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPBrooks - SheridanUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPBryce - SpurlockUpdate Complete
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPBlake - SellersUpdate Complete
South Carroll Scholastic Shooting Team-SCTPBarrett - ShepherdUpdate Complete
Monroe County-SCTPBray - SummeyUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPJeffrey - WatkinsUpdate Complete
Summit High School-SCTPCaden - CrossUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPCaden - DanielsUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPAJ - DemastusUpdate Complete
Summertown Blastin' Crew-SCTPCale - garlandUpdate Started
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPCaleb - ThompsonUpdate Started
CPA Minutemen-SCTPCampbell - GlasgowUpdate Started
Santa Fe Sharpshooters-SCTPCannon - RogersUpdate Complete
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPCarlo - DuranUpdate Complete
Westminster-SCTPCarnes - HerrinUpdate Complete
Westminster-SCTPCarter - PillowUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPCash - McneleyUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPMason Cash - McneleyUpdate Complete
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPDuplicate User - TaylorRetired
Santa Fe Sharpshooters-SCTPCayden - BranhamUpdate Started
Page High School-SCTPCharles - BennettUpdate Complete
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPCaleb - BrownUpdate Started
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPZach - BurgessUpdate Complete
CPA Minutemen-SCTPCarter - CainUpdate Complete
Macon County Tigers-SCTPColton - CassidyUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPCole - DaleyUpdate Complete
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPClayton - DanleyUpdate Complete
Summertown Blastin' Crew-SCTPCecil - WilliamsUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPCarson - WrightUpdate Complete
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPChase - FinanUpdate Complete
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPClay - FowlerUpdate Complete
Macon County Tigers-SCTPCarson - GreenUpdate Complete
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPCharlie - UlmerUpdate Started
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPNoah - DunnActive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPChloe - ChaleunsinhUpdate Complete
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPCalvin - HodumUpdate Complete
CPA Minutemen-SCTPChris - HansonUpdate Started
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPCarver Joe - KeoughUpdate Complete
Spring Hill Clay Target Team-SCTPClaire - DeCuirUpdate Started
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPClare - PalaszUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPConner - LawsonUpdate Complete
Clay County Trap-SCTPClayton - SmithUpdate Started
Summertown Blastin' Crew-SCTPClint - ParsonUpdate Complete
Lausanne Colligiate School-SCTPNoah - MagdovitzUpdate Complete
Dickson Clay Commanders-SCTPChristian - MazeUpdate Complete
White County Woodsmen-SCTPJohn Cole - VickersUpdate Started
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPCole - MercerUpdate Started
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPCole - SniderUpdate Started
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPColeson - CookUpdate Complete
Westminster-SCTPColey - StoutUpdate Complete
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPColton - HitchcockUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPConnor - AtkinsUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPConnor - FrasureUpdate Complete
Clay County Trap-SCTPCorbin - SmithUpdate Started
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPCharles - PattersonUpdate Complete
Lausanne Colligiate School-SCTPCaleb - RadtkeUpdate Complete
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPCharlee - SandersUpdate Complete
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPCooper - SpringerActive
Clarksville Christian School-SCTPCody - StanfordUpdate Complete
Clarksville Christian School-SCTPCharles - StewartUpdate Complete
Giles County Clay Dusters-SCTPClay - WallsUpdate Started
Page High School-SCTPCarson - WhiteUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPCarson - WrightRetired
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPCylar - MartinUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPTanner - HallUpdate Complete
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPDaniel - CashionUpdate Complete
Lewis County Trap-SCTPemery - norrisUpdate Started
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPDalton - VannatterUpdate Complete
Towering Oaks Christian School-SCTPDavid - WhitehouseUpdate Complete
FACS Trap-SCTPDavis - HarringtonUpdate Started
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPDrake - WattersUpdate Complete
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPDennis "Carter" - MooreUpdate Started
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPDennis Carter - MooreUpdate Started
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPderrion - vaughnUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPDaegan - HatchUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPDanielle - FreyUpdate Complete
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPDylan - MillsUpdate Complete
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPDaniel - PowersUpdate Started
Clarksville Christian School-SCTPDenise - ProctorUpdate Complete
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPDrew - StetlerActive
Providence Christian Academy-SCTPDiego - TaylorUpdate Started
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPDylan - WilliamsUpdate Complete
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPDylan - MillsUpdate Complete
Summit High School-SCTPEaston - EaselyUpdate Complete
HFA Clay Target Team-SCTPEthan - CarlsonUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPEthan - CopelandUpdate Complete
Providence Christian Academy-SCTPEC - TisdaleUpdate Started
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPEvan - JacksonUpdate Started
CPA Minutemen-SCTPEli - BurtonUpdate Complete
Summit High School-SCTPEli - EasleyUpdate Complete
Summit High School-SCTPElijah - DavisUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPElijah - PriestleyUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPElla - DanielsUpdate Complete
Summertown Blastin' Crew-SCTPElla - CorneliusUpdate Complete
Northpoint Christian School-SCTPMaddie - FlemingUpdate Complete
Clay County Trap-SCTPEmmitt - GunnelsUpdate Started
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPMontgomery - HoneycuttUpdate Started
Providence Christian Academy-SCTPElsa - OddyUpdate Started
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPEmily - MyersUpdate Complete
Columbia Central High School-SCTP - Inactive
White County Woodsmen-SCTPEthan - RiisUpdate Started
CPA Minutemen-SCTPEvan - BartonUpdate Complete
Shelbyville Trap Team-SCTPEthan - WallsUpdate Complete
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPFisher - AdamsUpdate Complete
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPCash - TaylorUpdate Complete
Summertown Blastin' Crew-SCTPFinn - MoyerUpdate Complete
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPJohn - SargentUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPGage - MintonUpdate Complete
Summit High School-SCTPGarrett - BattenfieldUpdate Complete
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPWilliam (Gavin) - CrawfordUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPGrady - DouglasUpdate Complete
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPGeorge - TerryUpdate Complete
CPA Minutemen-SCTPGeorgia - EppsUpdate Started
Westminster-SCTPGinny - FisherUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPGreyson - KillionUpdate Complete
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPGrant - RichardsUpdate Complete
Providence Christian Academy-SCTPGabe - TaylorUpdate Started
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPGunnar - TimbsUpdate Complete
South Gibson County Shooting Sports-SCTPGrant - WallsmithUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPGwen - DuncanUpdate Complete
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPHarrison - AllenUpdate Complete
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPHank - MillerUpdate Complete
Summit High School-SCTPHannah - TuckerUpdate Complete
Unaka Shooters-SCTPHarrison - ChampneyActive
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPHalen - WilkersonUpdate Started
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPHayden - MerrittUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPStacy - MerrittUpdate Started
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPHolden - MooreUpdate Complete
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPHolden - LindermanUpdate Complete
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPHudson - HendersonUpdate Started
Nashville Christian-SCTPHudson - DukeUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPHunter - FlockUpdate Complete
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPHunter - HaleUpdate Complete
Austin Peay State University-SCTPHunter - PurvianceUpdate Complete
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPHunter - RainesUpdate Complete
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPHayden - YanchekUpdate Complete
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPIsaac - SnodgrassUpdate Complete
Austin Peay State University-SCTPIsac - VanwormerUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPJack - LoveUpdate Complete
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTP - Inactive
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPJackson - HawksUpdate Started
Franklin High School-SCTPJacob - LambUpdate Complete
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPjacob - noeUpdate Complete
Westminster-SCTPJacob - OrellanaUpdate Complete
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPJacob - OrtizUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPJaiden - KellyUpdate Complete
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPJason - BennettUpdate Complete
Hutchison-SCTPBrooke - FairRetired
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPJayden - GrossUpdate Complete
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPJordan - BransonUpdate Started
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPJacob - ChilcuttUpdate Complete
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPClara - CrutcherActive
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPJacob - DicksonUpdate Complete
Houston County Lucky Shots-SCTPJed - BaggettUpdate Started
Westminster-SCTPJe Je - WarnerUpdate Complete
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPJesse - RogersUpdate Started
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPJesselynn - SingletonUpdate Started
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPJon-Paul - MoralezUpdate Complete
Summertown Blastin' Crew-SCTPJett - DotsonUpdate Complete
Lausanne Colligiate School-SCTPJack - GeraldUpdate Complete
Clarksville Christian School-SCTPJackson - JeffersUpdate Complete
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPJay - LooneyUpdate Complete
USJ Sport Shooting Team-SCTPJanessa - AndersonRetired
Macon County Tigers-SCTPJohn - MarshUpdate Complete
Lausanne Colligiate School-SCTPJared - MorrisUpdate Complete
Towering Oaks Christian School-SCTPJoe - BiebelUpdate Complete
CPA Minutemen-SCTPJonah - McMillenUpdate Complete
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPJordan - BallUpdate Complete
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPDysan - JordanUpdate Complete
GMS SCTP Generals-SCTPCooper - PikeUpdate Started
Summit High School-SCTPJerald - GlennUpdate Complete
Shelbyville Trap Team-SCTPSlade - LeftrickUpdate Started
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPJoe - StallionUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPJacob - TaylorUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPJonathan - TaylorUpdate Complete
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPAustin - PersingerUpdate Complete
Clarksville Christian School-SCTPJackson - WoodsUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPJames - PicardUpdate Complete
Page High School-SCTPJackson - YoungActive
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPKaleb - HeathUpdate Complete
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPKash - EasonUpdate Started
CPA Minutemen-SCTPKate - HubbardUpdate Complete
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPKatherine - KelleyUpdate Started
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPKaylee - LovingoodUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPKatie Beth - BrownUpdate Complete
Page High School-SCTPKyle - BuckUpdate Complete
HFA Clay Target Team-SCTPKennedy - GerhartUpdate Complete
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPMatthew - HazardActive
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPJon - McVeyActive
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPKaylee - ParkUpdate Complete
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPKyler - SmithUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPKaleb - WilliamsUpdate Complete
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPBohanan - LacieUpdate Complete
Montgomery County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPLaila - ScroggsUpdate Started
Pope John Paul II-SCTPLevi - LeMayUpdate Started
Hampshire Trap Team-SCTPWinton Lane - RileyUpdate Complete
Summertown Blastin' Crew-SCTPLauren - HeatherlyUpdate Complete
Fayette Academy Vikings-SCTPLindsay - BerryUpdate Complete
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPCarson - WinchesterUpdate Complete
CPA Minutemen-SCTPLeo - menzieUpdate Started
Westminster-SCTPLeven - WilliamsUpdate Complete
Page High School-SCTPLillian - OttoUpdate Started
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPWyatt - MorrisUpdate Started
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPWilliam - MorrisUpdate Started
Three Rivers Clay Commanders-SCTPBraylen - ReevesUpdate Started
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPLogan - WhiteUpdate Started
Summit High School-SCTPLogan - BattenfieldUpdate Complete
Page High School-SCTPLillian - OttoUpdate Complete
Arlington Trappers-SCTPBraylen - ReevesUpdate Started
Summertown Blastin' Crew-SCTPLucas - HodgeUpdate Complete
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPLukas - DentonUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPluke - cornettUpdate Complete
Northpoint Christian School-SCTPLuke - MontgomeryUpdate Complete
CPA Minutemen-SCTPBrennan - MacDonaldUpdate Started
CPA Minutemen-SCTPBrennan - MacDonaldUpdate Complete
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPMaddox - BanegasUpdate Started
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPMarbry - CastellawUpdate Started
Summertown Blastin' Crew-SCTPMariana - AttkissonUpdate Complete
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPMary Houston - HamiltonUpdate Complete
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPAna - MaskeUpdate Complete
Henderson Co. 4-H Trap Team-SCTPMason - HannaUpdate Started
Santa Fe Sharpshooters-SCTPMason - OdomUpdate Complete
Str8 Shooters Clay Team-SCTPMason - MullinsUpdate Complete
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPMatthew - JonesUpdate Started
Westminster-SCTPMathew - ZinserUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPMatthew - SpurlockUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPMaverick - VadenUpdate Complete
CPA Minutemen-SCTPMaverick - RodriguezUpdate Complete
CPA Minutemen-SCTPMaverick - RodriguezUpdate Started
N2Dust Shotgun Sports-SCTPLuther - BakerRetired
Monroe County-SCTPmax - roderickUpdate Started
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPMcclain - HicksUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPEmory - HOneycuttUpdate Complete
Macon County Tigers-SCTPMorgan - CothronUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPMegan - RumanerUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPMason - HamptonUpdate Started
BGA-SCTPMia - HawkersmithUpdate Complete
Franklin High School-SCTPMichael - BishopUpdate Complete
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPGinny - MillerUpdate Complete
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPQuenby - TerryUpdate Complete
Lausanne Colligiate School-SCTPMiller - JohnstonUpdate Complete
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPMorgan - MartinUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPMorgan - ManningUpdate Complete
Monroe County-SCTPMax - RoderickUpdate Started
St. Benedict Eagles-SCTPMatthew - ZinserUpdate Complete
CPA Minutemen-SCTPDavid - CrookUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPNicholas - AdkisonUpdate Complete
Santa Fe Sharpshooters-SCTPNathan - MyersUpdate Complete
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPNathin - DayUpdate Complete
Dickson Clay Commanders-SCTPNoah - HallUpdate Started
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPNicholas - ReddickUpdate Complete
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPNathan - NanneyUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPnoah - carmichaelUpdate Started
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPNoah - ShaverUpdate Complete
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPNolan - BakerUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPNolan - FerryUpdate Complete
Towering Oaks Christian School-SCTPNoah - ReevesUpdate Complete
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPRooks - StephensUpdate Started
Westminster-SCTPOwen - CruseUpdate Complete
CPA Minutemen-SCTPPaul - CraceUpdate Started
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPPeyton - GossUpdate Started
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPPreston - HambyUpdate Complete
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPPreston - CampbellActive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPpreston - sloverUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPPEYTON - WHITESIDESUpdate Complete
BGA-SCTPRachel - HornerUpdate Complete
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPRachel - WilsonUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPRailyn - MillsUpdate Complete
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPRoyce - CopleyUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPReed - ButtUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPCaroline - GassUpdate Complete
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPRiley - CrevelingUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPRiley - BrownUpdate Complete
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPSasha - MooreUpdate Started
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPRuss - RichardsonUpdate Started
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPRouton - WilsonUpdate Complete
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPSamuel - DavisUpdate Complete
Cocke County Clay Busters-SCTPSamuel - AustinUpdate Complete
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPSamuel - CryeUpdate Complete
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPSamuel - HolmesUpdate Started
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPHayden - BardwellUpdate Complete
Unaka Shooters-SCTPScott - DunnActive
Clarksville Christian School-SCTPSavannah - CrowleyUpdate Complete
Zion Christian Academy 4-H Shooting Sports-SCTPAugustus - DemastusActive
CPA Minutemen-SCTPSean - O'ConnellUpdate Started
CPA Minutemen-SCTPSean - O'ConnellUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPDillon - SieloffUpdate Complete
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPSierra - NoeUpdate Complete
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPGrant - BletsoeUpdate Complete
Spring Hill Clay Target Team-SCTPNash - FosterUpdate Started
Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports-SCTPSpencer - JohnsUpdate Started
HSSC Crush-SCTPtate - smithRetired
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPTaylor - HilliardUpdate Complete
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPTaylor - HickersonUpdate Started
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPTaylor - KibodeauxUpdate Complete
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPTyler - DorrisUpdate Complete
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPTanner - FloydUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPThomas - JonesUpdate Complete
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPThomas - HendersonUpdate Started
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPThomas - KinardUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPCaleb - thompsonUpdate Complete
Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters-SCTPTidus - JonesUpdate Complete
Cannon County HS Trap-SCTPTreavor - LanceUpdate Complete
East Tennessee Straight Shooters-SCTPGuage - WalkerUpdate Complete
Giles County Clay Dusters-SCTPTalan - PierceUpdate Started
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPTrenton - StaffordUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPTreyton - BrattonUpdate Started
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPTreyton - BrattonUpdate Complete
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPTrumann - HauserUpdate Complete
Columbia Central High School-SCTPTrace - SchoeberlUpdate Complete
Lewis County Trap-SCTPTrasey - LindseyUpdate Started
White County Woodsmen-SCTPTyler - DriverUpdate Started
HFA Clay Target Team-SCTPValentina - QuinteroUpdate Complete
Summit High School-SCTPWalker - GeorgeUpdate Complete
HFA Clay Target Team-SCTPWalker - WilliamsUpdate Complete
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPWalt - LononUpdate Started
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPHunter - JohnsonUpdate Complete
Columbia Academy GunDawgs-SCTPWyatt - poynorUpdate Complete
Westminster-SCTPWesley - KellumUpdate Complete
Bartlett Trap Team-SCTPWill - GiffordActive
Middle Tennessee Christian School-SCTPWill - BinkleyUpdate Complete
Austin Peay State University-SCTPWilliam - ForresterUpdate Complete
Trinity Clay Target Team-SCTPWill - YarbroughUpdate Complete
Providence Christian Academy-SCTPWolfgang - OddyUpdate Started
T-County Clay Busters-SCTPWesley - PerryUpdate Complete
Unaka Shooters-SCTPWyatt - LawsonUpdate Complete
William Blount Shooting Team-SCTPXavier - KoonsUpdate Complete
Perry Co Trap Team-SCTPZach - WestbrookUpdate Started
Lausanne Colligiate School-SCTPZair - BarlowUpdate Complete
Haywood Young Guns-SCTPZeke - McMorrisRetired
McKenzie Shooting Sports-SCTPZac - FowlerUpdate Complete